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Resource Management

In this article, you can learn about resource management features offered by ClientVenue

Resource management is used to manage the resources based on their availability on weekdays. It helps in calculating the number of hours constantly provided by the team members towards the company’s projects, clients, and dealings.

You can also use this amazing feature to increase the efficiency and productivity of your team members. To know the process, all you need to do is just follow the simple steps below.

Step1: After successfully login into the ClientVenue dashboard, you need to click on the "Settings" option on the Home screen.

Step2: After opening settings, you can find the Resource Management option in the middle of the screen.

Step3: After clicking on resource management, you can find the number of hours worked by team members in one week. This is automatically calculated from the team member’s availability on weekdays and based on their Time Sheets and Daily Standups.

Step4: You can also add the timing details of Daily Standups at morning hours and evening hours using the Time set-up feature available on Resource Management.

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