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Folder Permissions in Storage

Learn how to provide folder permissions in storage

If you want to share the folders in storage with the clients or your teammates then you need to set up the folder permissions whether the user can only view the files in the folder or the user can view and update the files in the folder.

These permissions are just like sharing google docs with a friend with the viewer or editor access. To know the process, all you need to do is just follow the simple steps below.

Step1: After successfully login into the ClientVenue dashboard, you need to click on the "Storage" option on the Home screen.

Step2: Choose the storage section where you want to share the files with the clients and click on it. For example, I want to share the My Project Files folder from the Personal section.

Step3: After selecting the folder which you want to share with the clients, click on the three dots and select the Share option.

Step4: After clicking on the share option, initially the folder will be restricted to all access, so you need to click on With Agency Teammates option.

Step5: After clicking on the With Agency Teammates option, you need to make sure which access you want to give to your agency teammate. Viewer access means the person can only view the files, but Editor access means the person can update the files in the folder.

Step6: You can also choose a person from your teammates and clients available in the dropdown list. After changing the access permissions, click on the Done button to complete the process and save the changes.

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