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Different types of Invoices

In this article, you can see different types of invoices offered by ClientVenue.

There are different types of invoices that you can create with just a few clicks as per your requirement. To know the process, all you need to do is just follow the simple steps below.

Step1: After successfully login into the ClientVenue dashboard, you need to click on the "Payments" option on the Home screen.

Step2: After clicking on Payments, you can see the Create Invoice option on the right side of the screen. Just click on it to start creating a new invoice.

Step3: While creating the new invoice, you will see different types of invoice options available. Here I will show you all the different kinds of invoices that can be created before sending them to the client.

Invoice Sample Image:

Method1: Single Invoice

When you choose the None option, then it is called a Single Invoice which is valid only for only one time. You need to select the Client name or email ID from the given list.

Method2: Recurring Invoice

When you choose the Recurring Invoice option, it will repeat the invoice generation to the client for a particular time period.

Method3: Client-Level Invoice

When you choose the Service type of invoice option, then this kind of invoice is called Client Level Invoice or Service Based Invoice.

Method4: Project Level Invoice

When you choose the Project radio button and select the Client Project, then this kind of invoice is called a Project Level Invoice.

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