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New Client Creation

In this article, you can learn how to add a new client and complete the onboarding process in ClientVenue.

In order to create a new client and complete the onboarding process, first, you need to log in to ClientVenue as a team member. Sometimes, there is an option for admin users where only they can add new clients which don't work for normal users.

ClientVenue has a great feature where Admin users can control the user permissions to disable the Create and Delete access for clients. Only the project manager and team leader will have this access due to security reasons and misuse of the client portal.

After opening the dashboard, you can find the "Clients" option. Just click on it and follow the below steps. There are 2 different ways to onboard a new client and create an account for the client.

Method 1: Client Creation using Admin Access

Step1: After clicking on Clients, you can see Client Options on the right side of the screen, click on it and you can find the Add Client option.

Clients < Client Options < Add Client

Step2: Enter the details of the New Client

Step3: After entering all details, click on the Invite option.

Step4: After sending the Invite link through the email process, your client will receive an Invite link which the client can use the link to join the client portal.

Step5: ClientVenue offers an amazing feature for the users which allows them to customize their email content just like customizing the content in WordPress.

Step6: If the user doesnโ€™t have any project to assign to the new client while in the process of New Client Creation, then you can leave the Assign Project field empty and complete the process. You can add the projects later on Client Portal.

Step7: You can directly send the invitation to the client without assigning any project while the New Client Creation process. You can assign any projects at any time using this Assign Projects option provided for every client in the Clients section.

Method 2: Self-Register

ClientVenue offers the clients to self-register which reduces the time and efforts of admin users in the process of adding clients individually.

Step1: Click on the Client Signup option available in the Client Options dropdown.

Step2: The user can Copy Signup Link and share it with the client so that the client can visit the page to sign up.

Step3: If the agency has any services listed on the services page then the client can directly click on Visit Signup Page where the user is directed to the signup page from the client portal directly.

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