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Company vs Clients

Get to know about the difference and similarities between the company and its clients

In the Clients section, you will be highly using Clients and Companies options most frequently because these two features have significant results in the field of project management.

These two have very common options which are mutually interconnected with each other and helpful for the process of accomplishing project management tasks. You can check a few common features between these two and also some major differences in the below points.

1. Common Features in Company and Clients

There are few common features between company and clients options which are useful to add new teammates, projects, company details, invoices, and editings.

Company and Clients are coherent but are not mutually exclusive to each other.

2. Differences in Company and Clients

In the companies section, you can edit all the options but there is no option to change the account manager because only the client or the project manager will have the access to change it. So, changing account manager option is given in the Clients section.

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